Born in 1984 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, from an Italian father and Latin American mother, Ghidinelli takes this a cultural mix as nourishment for his skill of grasping intriguing nuances on the world around him, since a very early age. Always traveling, constantly sensitive to what goes on near him, Ghidinelli develops an analytical disposition towards images. However this inclination is not immediately recognized and remains dormant for many years. The question of whether there was a borderline between what he is able to see with his own eyes and what others perceive, or if the two scenarios could even coexist, is what sparked his interest in digging deeper: is it possible that everyone sees just one “thing” out of an image? People moving around barefoot and breathless down the streets, landscapes, faces… he is always wearing to find the right way to remember, to capture the memory. To him, every detail isn’t simply exposed to the world, but is, in fact, his own perception of that object in his world. This is probably the reason that made him start shooting in 2009: light reveals and defines everything. Photography as that moment that doesn’t judge you, but that you can judge. It represents a refuge, and every shadow that meets the light is a step taken in life translated into an image. Ever since he has started his journey, he keeps putting himself to the test, trying to widen his horizons and improve his techniques. To Ghidinelli, photography is mostly taking part in a process, which to him is far more gratifying than the final image itself. Nothing becomes everything, under the condition that it is in your mind before anywhere else, then and only then, “nothing” can become anything.